Significance of Teachers’ Day in our Life!

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Significance of Teachers’ Day in our Life!

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Teachers play a significant role in our lives to achieve a successful career and beautiful life. A good teacher guides us to be a better human being and a good citizen of country. A teacher is not only an academic mentor but also a guide. To appreciate the contributions of teachers in society we all Indians celebrate Teachers’ Day on 5th September every year.

5th September is actually birth anniversary of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan who was an eminent scholar and a great educationist. To honour his noted contribution towards Indian Education System, his birth anniversary is observed as Teachers’ Day.

Teachers are inseparable part of our society. Developing the future of any country lies in their hand. They know students are the most important pillar and the future of nation. Teachers help us in accumulating information and analyze them properly. They guide us what’s possibly right according to particular situation. They make us think rationally.

Teachers are important in every aspects of our life. Teachers are not only important for students, but also important for every learner. Learning is a life long process which makes us better everyday. Teacher is not only a human being. Life is a teacher, time is a teacher, and Mother Nature is herself a teacher if we see the world through an eye of a learner. It totally depends on us what we think, how we think. Our thinking puts a deep impact on our life and society.

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